Our Aircraft Mover


  1. The Scorpion 8000 without speed control,but still running at an easy manageable speed.
  2. The Scorpion 8000S with a very reliable speed and torque control, soft start and stop and all electronic overloads and under voltage protection.

Both Scorpion models are universal and can be customized for individual needs. For example driving it under the nose wheel and clamping or hooking the airplane up to the mover with a nose picker and pulling it unto the platform via various clamping methods.

  • Scorpion Aircraft Tug available with or without speed control
  • Strong and robust
  • Great maneuverability
  • Multiple aircraft use
  • Easy to operate
  • 4.2 KW  battery operated

Scorpion 8000 Aircraft tug: R 36 900.00
Motor 4.2kw, max moving weight 3.5ton.

Scorpion 8000s Aircraft tug: R 37 900.00
Motor 4.2kw, max moving weight 2.5ton.

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