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Four Track Movers are manufactured with precision for many years.

Our movers are manufactured to suite all needs, big or small.

These movers are efficient, cost effective and multipurpose.

See our Midi Mover in action

The Max caravan mover can move up to 2 ton and utilizes a 2.4 kw motor. Max movers are incredibly efficient and can be used for multiple purposes including the moving of caravans, boats and even trailers.

Click play on the video to see the Midi Mover in Action

See our Aircraft Mover in action

Both the Scorpion 8000 and Scorpion 8000s models are universal and can be customized for individual needs. For example driving it under the nose wheel and clamping or hooking the airplane up to the mover with a nose picker and pulling it unto the platform via various clamping methods.

Click play on the video to see the Aircraft Mover in Action

Our Range of Movers

Our midi movers are suitable to move a caravan with weight up to 1.7 ton and utilizes a 2.4 kw motor.

We also have Aircraft Movers available, with the ability to move a maximum weight of 3.5 tons.

*Midi, Max, and Max Plus movers are fitted with a differential

Mover Size
Max Weight
2.4 Kw
1.6 Ton
R 16 599.00
2.4 Kw
2.5 Ton
R 20 900.00
Max Custom
2.4 Kw
2.5 Ton
R 23 900.00
Max Plus
4.2 Kw
3.5 Ton
R 26 900.00
Scorpion 8000
4.2 Kw
3.5 Ton
R 32 900.00
Scorpion 8000S
4.2 Kw
2.5 Ton
R 37 900.00
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